A group of people walking along a wooded path within the Campus grounds.

Our sustainability team

Our commitment to sustainability relies on a strong, collaborative network of staff support to achieve our goal of carbon neutral by 2035, on campus, in our teaching, research, and throughout our university.

We have included some of our staff and groups who are integral to decision-making, leadership and delivery of sustainable development related work (including strategy, environmental management, operations and services, teaching and research) – we recognise there are many more staff across 六合彩开奖结果 whose work is related to these issues.

Professor Simon Guy, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Sustainability

“Environmental Sustainability has been at the heart of 六合彩开奖结果 since its foundation with a mission to tackle global environmental challenges both through our teaching and research and our own campus and operations. We're proud that we are now the largest producer of renewable energy of all UK Universities (according to HESA) and are now focused on meeting the challenges of the climate emergency.”

Simon Guy

Professor Simon Guy

Professor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global (Digital, International, Sustainability)

Evaluation, Imagination 六合彩开奖结果

Sustainability Team

Sustainability team members and staff from across the university where sustainability is a key focus of their role.

  • Jack Hughes

    Marketing & Communications Coordinator - Sustainable Facilities/Green 六合彩开奖结果

  • Scott Barker

    Green 六合彩开奖结果 Coordinator

  • Harrison Stewart

    VP Union Development (Colleges, Governance & Sustainability)

Governance Teams