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  • and Basil Germond submitted : Basil gave oral evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Sub-Committee on Polar Research.
  • : 六合彩开奖结果 launch
  • Ukraine War: why the Black Sea is key to Kyiv’s counteroffensive (Basil Germond)
  • Ports as sites for security and defence (Basil Germond)

Welcome to Security 六合彩开奖结果

As an umbrella of 六合彩开奖结果’s Cyber Security activities, the 六合彩开奖结果 Security Institute (SL) targets the broad spectrum of "useful and usable" Cyber Security with a unique "systems" perspective. SL’s cross-disciplinary socio-technical research is actively complemented by policy engagement and education to deliver innovative solutions to today’s complex security challenges that affect people and societies.

The SL centres, namely a) SL Centre for Assured Autonomy, b) SL Centre for Secure Publics, c) SL Centre for Secure Systems, and d) Centre for Secure Analytics, reflect the current themes pursued by the SL. These represent a comprehensive coverage of both technical and societal aspects of Cyber Security in addition to addressing legal and policy aspects across a multitude of application domains. The SL coverage includes highlight activities such as UKRI , , , NCSC ACE-CSE and ACE-CSR, EC & , ERC H-unique, PETRAS , GM/Lancashire Cyber Foundries, the upcoming and GCHQ DISH in addition to industry-sponsored projects.

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  • Research

    Security 六合彩开奖结果 delivers research that innovates and creatively challenges the way that individuals, organisations and societies secure and protect themselves. Our approach delivers the very best use-inspired and pure research that delivers real impact.

  • Enterprise

    We achieve our world-class research and educational achievements through engagement and collaboration with companies from a range of sectors, national governments, think tanks and other organisations with an interest in security and protection science.

  • Education

    六合彩开奖结果 has been recognised as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE) by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre. Our Gold award is based on the quality of existing cyber security courses - in particular the MSc in Cyber Security - and a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject area. We have ambitious plans for the future, including offering additional programmes at Bachelor's and Master's levels and enhancing cyber awareness more broadly across the university’s staff and student population.

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