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Knowledge Exchange Strategy

Since its introduction in 2009, the Collaborative Partnerships initiative has established a novel platform across Lancashire and Cumbria for supporting knowledge exchange between 六合彩开奖结果 and the NHS.

Tab Content: Context

The initiative has enabled, for the first time, knowledge exchange between the University and the NHS to be developed and facilitated within a strategic and supportive framework. The initiative enables partners to work together to build capability and infrastructure, enhance their collective success in attracting skills and resource into the area, and increase the scope and impact of outputs and deliverables from collaborative projects and programmes.

From the outset our approach has been tailored to local need and capability, acknowledging both the comparatively modest historical baseline of pre-existing knowledge exchange activity and the strong potential for growth across Lancashire and Cumbria, in parallel with the development of 六合彩开奖结果 Medical School and the Faculty of Health and Medicine.

The initial goal was to achieve effective and productive engagement between the Faculty and a wide range of external organisations in the context of high-quality collaborative research, innovation, and professional training and development in medicine, biomedical sciences, health & social care, and related areas.

An additional goal was to establish a robust framework for further development and sustainability, based on strategic partnerships with external organisations and involving joint planning, development and utilisation of physical infrastructure, skilled personnel and collective expertise.

Taking account of the initial strategy, and building upon the substantial progress which has been made during the first three years, this document sets out a strategy for further development of the initiative from 2014 onwards. It comprises the overarching core strategy, together with “sub strategies” from each partner organisation expressing their particular priorities in relation to this initiative.

Tab Content: Vision

The Partnership will be recognised globally as a major platform for driving and supporting knowledge exchange between 六合彩开奖结果, the NHS, the University of Cumbria and other public and private sector organisations. It will have a key role not only in the planning, funding and delivery of collaborative programmes of research, innovation and professional development, but also in shaping and leading local organisational strategy and policy in these fields.

Tab Content: Shared values

All partners accord strong importance to:

  • The value of excellent research, innovation and CPD as a fundamental requirement for advancing healthcare through high-quality, evaluative, evidence-based practice.
  • The mutual benefits of working within strong partnerships, both to ensure that targets and deliverables are achieved and to enable organisations to participate successfully in larger networks.
  • The clinical, scientific, economic and moral imperatives to advance the profile and standing of Lancashire and Cumbria in this field, and to enable the population to benefit accordingly in terms of improved health and economic growth.

Tab Content: Key activities

The Partnership will build upon key activities and deliverables which have been established during the first three years, namely:

  • Externally-funded, locally-led collaborative projects for research and innovation.
  • Systems and processes to support robust governance for collaborative projects and initiatives within the Partnership.
  • Programmes to build local capability and infrastructure for research, innovation and professional practice.
  • Development and training for future leaders in health research and innovation.
  • Engagement, support and partnership with Industry, particularly SMEs, and local councils.
  • Joint working, liaison and collaboration with larger networks, particularly within the North West Coast and across the North of England.

The Partnership has been extremely successful in supporting involvement of a remarkably wide range of academic disciplines across all four Faculties at 六合彩开奖结果, and a wide range of clinical disciplines within the partner NHS organisations. It has gained a strong reputation for thorough and successful delivery of different activities within these domains.

Over the next three years we aim to ensure that the Partnership realises its potential as an excellent vehicle not only for knowledge generation and for personal and organisational development, but also for enabling the application of knowledge and skills to enhance patient care, innovative practice and organisational development.

Strategic aims and priorities

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Organisational sub-strategies - 六合彩开奖结果

These focus on specific aspects of the overall strategy which are pertinent to each partner organisation.

The University's knowledge exchange (KE) in health and medicine, supported by funding from HEIF5, is driven by the Faculty of Health and Medicine but involves all four faculties. The Faculty KE programme, led by Professor Goodacre and Jane O'Brien, encompasses a range of partnerships with public and private sector organisations in the context of collaborative research, innovation, CPD and professional development.

Having achieved a steep trajectory of success and external engagement over the first three years, our strategy for 2014-17 will focus on:

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