Fees and Expenses

Fees and expenses are paid through the AQSC unit on receipt of a completed External Examiner Claim Form. Please note that the fee cannot be paid until the report has been received or right to work checks completed.

External Examiners claiming expenses for fares, accommodation, subsistence and postage are asked to attach relevant receipts of documentation supporting the claim. Travel mileage will be reimbursed to a maximum amount equivalent to the cost of a second class open return train fare for the journey undertaken. Where costs in excess of this are unavoidably incurred, External Examiners should contact the Academic Department, from which further reimbursement may be available. For more information regarding what you are eligible to claim for, please review our External Examiners Fees and Expenses Guidance (Taught Provision)

In order to process payments to overseas bank accounts we will require a bank statement, or a void paying-in skip, or a bank letter that confirms your bank account details. Please ensure that the documentation provided with your claim includes: name on account, name and address of bank or building society, account number, sort code, international bank account number (IBAN), bank identification code (BIC).

  • Note 1: Payroll does not store External Examiner bank details so these must be submitted with the claim form each academic year;
  • Note 2: External Examiners are not permitted to do any work and the University cannot pay and fees or expenses until the right to work verification is completed.